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Had some trouble with the previous post of this, probably because of the Zap links. No big deal though, it was just trying it out and obviously it didn't work so hot. Here's the same post with direct links.
Play some games! These all have faucets so you can play (a little) without spending anything.
Come back once in a while because I may, and do, add to this list.
these are nearly all referral links

The Games

Just click 'em and go.
FreeBitco.in FreeDoge.co.in Primedice Play through a VPN if you're in the US Cryptoskull YOLOdice DuckDice 999Dice Luckygames house token faucet

No Faucet

Still ways to get free bits, but don't beg

Extra Faucets

They may have annoying pop ups, but so far only as bad as needing to close a tab. Should any cross the line they will be removed. Use these collectively to fund the games for a little extra play or to fund a strategy.
AllCoins Clams4Free renamed, you'll need a Clam wallet, wallet and play at https://just-dice.com Instant-LTC
CoinPot required: Moon Bitcoin Moon Litecoin Moon Dogecoin Moon Bcash Moon Dash Bitfun Bonus Bitcoin
A note about CoinPot: you can convert one faucet bucket balance to another type, BTC to LTC for example, but it's not equal. If you convert do it to a balance once only or you'll lose some to the conversion regardless of what they say.


No, not fake web mining or scams. This will be a short list.
Electroneum Mobile Miner I no longer recommend Electroneum. Their "miner" worked as advertised, but they're a hairs breadth from being a centrallized coin which is just wrong.


You can trade between Clam<->BTC or LTC<->Doge or whatever you prefer
Cryptopia Popular exchange, has many cryptocurrencies. VirWoX high fees, but easy to get BTC from PayPal or back this way. Only useful for that purpose unless you play their game too.
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Primedice, Cryptocurrency Betting

Hey! , Some of you requested in chat that primedice should add like more currency`s to bet with, I think its a great idea!
Like they should keep bitcoin, But add Dogecoin and Litecoin and such. Just so persons with other currency`s can also play and doesnt have to have bitcoin!
Adding more currency will increase players on the site and increase the community, I would be happy if i can play with my account with some dogecoin and exchange bitcoin and overall
So our requests are!
Thanks! , and hope you use any of our ideas!
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Bitcoin will rise in price to six-digit numbers If one condition is met, said Michael van de Poppe, an analyst at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. He notes that previous bullish runs of the BTC price took place amid a falling dollar index. This was the case in 2014 and 2017. Since March this year, the index has also significantly lost in value, which contributed to the rise in the price of ... The largest, best & most active crypto dicing forum! Here you can discuss, brag, make friends and participate on all sorts of topics related to bitcoin, gambling and crypto with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. PrimeDice is one of the most popular Bitcoin dice games that you can find online, gaining its popularity through a great reputation of fair games and fast cash outs. The dice game provided is very simple to play, as you simply enter the winning chances that you want and the amount you want to bet. Once that has been done you can see the payout and the profit if you win and then just roll the dice. Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. Rewards are dispensed at various predetermined intervals of time. Faucets ... Primedice: Bitcoin-Glücksspiel Crypto Edge login Gönnen Sie sich die beste Gelegenheit, die Prüfung zu PE Mechanical Thermal Fluids Systems mit dem PPI-Überprüfungspaket zu PE Mechanical Thermal Fluids Systems zu bestehen. Teilen Sie nicht öffentlich mit, wie viel Krypto Sie besitzen und wo Sie es speichern. Wir können unser Echtheitssiegel vollständig auf der App platzieren und es den ...

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Primedice bitcoin gambling

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