20 Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Ohio (2020)

American Crypto Bitcoin ATMs just added 2 new locations in Germantown Maryland and Moraine Ohio near Dayton!

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American Crypto Bitcoin ATMs just added 2 new locations in Germantown Maryland and Moraine Ohio near Dayton!

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Bitcoin ATM launched in Dayton, Ohio! (Miamisburg)

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New Bitcoin ATM Launched in Dayton, Ohio!

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New Bitcoin ATM Launched in Dayton, Ohio!

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Bitcoin ATM launched in Dayton, Ohio! (Miamisburg) /r/dayton

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Bitcoin ATM launched in Dayton, Ohio! (Miamisburg)

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What A Day: American Carnage by Brian Beutler, Priyanka Aribindi & Crooked Media (08/05/19)

”Members of the press, what the fuck...”—Beto O’Rourke to a political media that refuses to see President Trump for what he is

Vote Them Out

Two terrorist gunmen, including a white nationalist who was emboldened by President Trump, murdered over 30 people in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, over the weekend. Now Republicans, led by Trump, are desperately ducking and deflecting widespread demands for them to pass background-check legislation and denounce the President’s complicity.
Here’s the latest.
What happened? First, a man armed with a military-style assault rifle posted a hate-filled, anti-immigrant screed on the white natonalist online organizing hub 8chan, before entering an El-Paso Wal-Mart and murdering at least 22 people. The so-called “manifesto” used terms like “invaders” to describe Hispanic immigrants and “fake news” to describe the media—words taken directly from Trump. Hours later, another white man, similarly armed, killed nine people, including his own sister, in a 30-second gun rampage at a bar in Dayton. The Texas gunman is in custody, and police killed the Dayton gunman.
How has the public responded? In two ways. First, there’s the overwhelming majority of people of good faith who take the problem seriously. They have engaged in a conversation about fighting and deradicalizing white supremacists, holding media and tech outlets that enable them accountable, and passing gun control measures. Democrats have called on the Senate to return from recess to pass H.R. 8, a bipartisan bill that would require everyone trying to purchase a firearm to undergo a background check.
How have Republicans responded? By ignoring the problem and blaming people and influences that have nothing to do with it.
In other words, Republicans at all levels of government are too cowardly or bigoted to do anything about this. That’s not surprising at this point—Republicans are completely invested in or in agreement with Trump’s racism and his efforts to encourage racism among his supporters to maintain his grip on power. But it is still shocking and unacceptable. The only solution is to end their careers resoundingly next November, and to never let them or people like them within a mile of public office ever again.
What can you do?

Under The Radar

Cloudfare, the internet infrastructure company that hosted 8chan, announced that it would stop hosting the site, which is now struggling to remain online.
8chan was once a relatively obscure online messageboard, nominally devoted to “free speech,” but it quickly became a haven for terrorist mass shooters and violent white supremacists— in other words, a place where people too extreme for 4chan congregate. Before the shooting in El Paso, the gunman posted a four-page, racist manifesto on the site and encouraged its users to spread it widely.
The Christchurch, NZ, terrorist who massacred dozens of Mosque-goers, and the Poway, CA, terrorist, who shot up a synagogue, also uploaded hate-filled screeds to 8chan before murdering innocent religious minorities. The site is home to incels, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and other dangerous, radicalized, overwhelmingly white and male individuals, who are increasingly unwelcome on other online platforms.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

On last week’s Lovett or Leave It (the night after his debate appearance): JAY INSLEE. Plus Kara Swisher, Kara Brown, and Ramy Youseff. But seriously—Jay Inslee. And his glasses. 🔥
Gov. Inslee breaks down the debates, the importance of climate change in his campaign, and his newfound title as the "ancient snack" of the Democratic primaries.

What Else

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler said his committee * could * recommend articles of impeachment against Donald Trump by late fall. Reminder, the purpose of impeachment is to hold numerous public hearings on Trump’s unprecedented criminality before making every representative and senator vote on it, so please don’t skip that part.
North Korea used cyberattacks to steal from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges to amass an estimated $2 billion for its weapons of mass destruction programs, according to a confidential U.N. report. So that’s who probably stole your friend’s bitcoin.
The Dow dropped 760 points on Monday in the year’s worst day of stock trading in response to Chinese retaliation against Trump’s catastrophic trade war. So sick of winning!
Widespread strikes in Hong Kong have canceled and delayed over 100 flights into and out of the city’s airport—one of the world’s busiest. The strikes grew out of months worth of mass protests for greater democracy, an inquiry into alleged police brutality, and the resignation of the city's pro-Beijing leader, Carrie Lam.
Rep. Kenny Merchant (R-TX) became the fourth Texas Republican in the past two weeks—and the eleventh House Republican this year— to announce his retirement ahead of the 2020 elections, reflecting President Trump’s wizard-like ability to use racism to make Democrats play into his hands. Merchant beat his obscure Democratic opponent by only three percentage points in 2018, but this year there will be a competitive Democratic primary in the district.
R. Kelly has been charged with two counts of child prostitution in Minnesota on top of his similar state and federal charges in Chicago and additional federal charges in Brooklyn.
Gannett and GateHouse Media, two of the country’s largest newspaper publishers, will merge, creating a conglomerate of over 250 daily newspapers, and hundreds more weekly ones. The merger is expected to save hundreds of millions of dollars, but the company will still likely cut jobs. According to the Washington Post, “Employment in the newspaper industry fell about 47 percent between 2008 and 2018, a decline worse than coal mining over roughly the same period.” Can’t figure out how to make a profit? MERGE BABY MERGE!
Far-right, anti-Muslim hatemonger Laura Loomer will run for Congress in a heavily Democratic district in Florida, and one wild House Republican and a Fox host couldn’t be happier. Maybe she will chain herself to the entrance of Congress next.

Did You See That Thing?

The man who pleaded guilty to sending 16 pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, liberals, and CNN in October 2018 was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Monday. During his sentencing, his attorney said "We believe that the president's rhetoric contributed to Mr. Sayoc’s actions in this offense." Wasn’t the first or last time.

What A Sponsor!

Politics Live from New York Times - Politics, Pacing and Comfort Food
Don’t miss The Times’s first revue exploring the 2020 Election hosted by deputy politics editor Rachel Dry. You’ll hear from Times political reporters Astead Herndon and Katie Glueck on this historic field of Democratic candidates — and from experts beyond our Politics desk. Food columnist Melissa Clark and political correspondent Jonathan Martin will dish on deep-fried Twinkies at the Iowa State Fair. Journalist Lindsay Crouse will speak with Olympian and marathoner Alexi Pappas on pacing. $10 ticket for Crooked Media with code 2020 (Savings of $30)

Is That Hope I Feel?

“...All of us have to send a clarion call and behave with the values of tolerance and diversity that should be the hallmark of democracy. We should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments; leaders who demonize those who don’t look like us, or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as sub-human, or imply that America belongs to just one certain type of people… it has no place in our politics and our public life. And it’s time for the overwhelming majority of Americans of goodwill, of every race and faith and political party, to say as much—clearly and unequivocally.” —Barack Obama


average joe on Twitter: “Shit.
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A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a Liar".

Trump lies about raising money for Veterans.

Trump claims 300,000 veterans died waiting for medical care with no evidence to back up the claim.

Trump dodges draft claiming “bone spurs” and lies about it today.

Trump lies about donating to charity.

Trump lies about donating to charity again claiming he has donated over $100 million dollars without providing any records or evidence or naming who he donated too. Meanwhile a TSG review of his foundation’s Internal Revenue Service returns ranks Trump as the least charitable billionaire in the United States.

Trump lies about losing lawsuits.

Numerous celebrities allege Trump cheats at golf.

Trump makes up civil war battle to make his golf club seem more important, questions historians who tell him he’s wrong, makes up fictitious anonymous historians who said he was right, backpedals even further by saying the made-up historians didn’t talk to him but his people when he is asked their names.

Trump lies about self funding his campaign.

Trump lies about campaign spending.

Trump lies and claims his book Trump: The Art of the Deal is the best selling business book of all time.

Trump campaign manager assaults reporter. Trump lies and claims the reporter made the story up until police confirm it through security footage and arrests manager.

Trump lies and claims Hillary wants to release violent criminals from jail.

Trump lies and claims he is beating Hillary in the polls.

Trump lies about support numbers.

Trump lies and claims the U.S is “losing jobs like never before.” only a few days after acknowledging job numbers showing the creation of 271,000 jobs in a month.

Trump lies and claims raising the price of life saving drugs for patients who can’t afford them will save the U.S $300 billion dollars a year for a $70 billion dollar program.

Trump lies and claims he had never heard of White Supremacist leader who endorsed him despite mentioning him by name for over 15 years.

Trump lies and claims the Mexican government is forcibly deporting convicted criminals into the United States.

Trump lies about immigrants and ignores that immigrants are less likely than native born Americans to commit violent crimes or be incarcerated.

Trump lies and claims he polled top with Hispanics despite actually only polling 7% approval.

Trump lies and claims he pulled in 15,000 at speech. Real number is proven to be 4,000.

Trump lies and claims Mexicans are pouring into the U.S despite statistics showing more Mexicans leaving the U.S than coming in every year.

Trump lies and claims Mexicans are pouring into the U.S despite the facts showing that for the last half decade the immigration numbers have flat lined.

Trump lies and claims president Obama is going to import a quarter of a million refugees when the real number is 25 times lower.

Trump lies and claims the U.S has no process for vetting refugees.

Trump lies and claims the U.S only allows Muslim refugees and refuses to let Christians in.

Trump lies and claims almost every single Syrian refugee is a strong young man when statistics show the majority of Syrian refugees are women.

Trump lies and claims “scores” of U.S migrants have been charged with terrorism when the actual number is 0

Trump lies and claims Ohio protesters had connections to ISIS despite all evidence proving the contrary.

Trump lies and claims he predicted Osama Bin Laden.

Trump lies about French Gun Laws after Paris Attack.

Trump lies and claims he lost hundreds of friends during 9/11 yet can’t give a single name.

Trump’s falsely claims he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating while the twin towers fell on 9/11 on the news and refuses to admit he lied after the claim is completely debunked.

Trump lies and claims the 9/11 hijackers' wives knew what was going to happen and were sent home before the attack despite the fact none of the 9/11 hijackers were married.

Trump cites debunked poll created by conspiracy theorist claiming 25% of Muslim Americans support violence against America.

Trump lies and claims Orlando shooter was foreign born immigrant despite being born in the same city as Trump.

Trump lies and claims the U.S nuclear arsenal doesn’t work.

Trump falsely claims ⅘ white people who were victims of homicide were murdered by blacks after rewtweeting statistics made up by Neo-Nazis.

Trump lies and falsely claims Oakland And Ferguson among the most dangerous cities in the world, when in reality they aren’t even among the most dangerous cities in their states.

Trump lies about various names and slurs he has publicly used to refer to women despite video evidence proving contrary.

Trump lies about his winery being the largest on the east coast.

Trump lies and claims June has “no jobs to be had” despite 5.4 million job openings in the U.S. that month. (A 15-year high.)

Trump lies and claims the United States is the ‘most highly taxed nation in the world.’

Trump lies and claims the U.S GDP is below 0

Trump tells New York Times he wants to impose unprecedented 45% tariff on Chinese goods. At debates he accused New York Times of misquoting him admitting how crazy it would and how he would never want it then goes on to argue for the 45% tariff two minutes later.

Trump lies and claims obama spent 4 million dollars to conceal school and passport records.

Trump lies and claims the U.S Border wall would only cost 8 billion dollars.

Trump lies and claims John Kasich "helped" Lehman Brothers ‘destroy the world economy’

Trump lies about "fishy" death of White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. implying Hillary was behind it and staged it to appear as if it wasn't a murder.

Trump lies and claims Putin called him a genius.

(What other Presidential candidate in history would want complements from dictators and enemies of America so bad that they would fabricate them?)

Trump lies 21 times during speech.

Trump acceptance speech fact checked by New York Times, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, NPR, ect... All agree its packed with lies upon lies.

Fact checkers go over one of Trumps town hall transcripts and find 71 separate instances within an hour in which Trump made claims that were categorically false.

Bipartisan Media Watchdog group PolitiFact finds 76% percent of all of Trump’s statements investigated in 2015 for authenticity to be false.

Bonus: Trump getting Stumped

Trump gets stumped again and again and again.

Trumps stumped by teenager on abortion question.

Trump stumped by journalists.

Trump stumped by Paul Ryan.

Trump stumped on EU question.

Trump stumped on bible question.

Trump stumped by cryptocurrency.

Trump stumped on foreign policy.

Trump stumped on question about the function of the government.

Trump stumped on economy question.

Double Bonus: Trump hates our Soldiers among other things.

Trump mocks people over being physically disabled.

Trump calls U.S soldiers thieves in bizarre attack.

Trump mocks POW soldier for being captured.

Trump claims POWs aren’t heroes for being captured.

Harvard professors and clinical psychologist start using Trump clips in workshops on identifying narcissists.

Trump wants Veterans kicked off fifth avenue for not being classy enough.

Trump is unable to do simple multiplication, insists he is right after getting math question wrong.

Trump thinks if teachers should be armed in classrooms.

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Dayton Real Estate Agent: Is the Market Collapsing? The Dayton Foundation - As Time Changes Dayton City Commission Meeting (6-24-20) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - Topic - YouTube Doolittle Raid 75th Anniversary - B-25 and B-1 Flyover

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Dayton Real Estate Agent: Is the Market Collapsing?

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base and census-designated place just east of Dayton, Ohio, in Greene and Montgomery counties. I... This is The Dayton Foundation's 60-second commercial. Learn how we can help you help others at www.daytonfoundation.org. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Dayton, Ohio - City Government 36,518 views. 42:18. Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird - Duration: 15:01. Marshall Ross Thompson Recommended for you. 15:01. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him ... Woodland Cemetery Explorers Dayton Ohio Mausoleum - Duration: 20:08. Nurse Angie Adventures 17 views. 20:08 . Pilot Acroball Pen - Duration: 5:38. Nurse Angie Adventures 51 views. 5:38. Woodland ...